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My Last First Birthday Party

We did it!  I made it another year without losing my entire mind!  It's the *little victories* in life that make us happiest.

One year ago, the hubby and I became baby hoarders parents again and welcomed our third child, Kami into our crazy but loving family.  She has brought our family so much joy.  Since she is our last baby, and the other babies were born when I REALLY had no time for ANYTHING, I decided to go crazy   all out for her first birthday.  Honestly, we work very hard all year, so we enjoy an excuse to drink a good party.  And what better excuse to throw a party than to celebrate your baby's first birthday?

As much as I love a good party, I love a good bargain.  I was determined to prove to my hubby that I could throw a fabulous affair without breaking the bank.  I think it was a complete success.  The theme was a "Pink Picnic", and the party was at a venue overlooking the entire Monterey Bay. (I booked it for $Free.99, thankyouverymuch).

Every family received their own picnic basket
Indoor Picnic Party

Everyone received their own custom coke bottle!


Each of my guests received a Coke Bottle with their name printed on it.

Are you the type to:

  1. Drink the coke and throw away the bottle

  2. Save the coke bottle

  3. Drink the coke and keep the empty bottle

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